Arts from Hartley Wintney.

Ruth Hudson

The Jazz Picnic (watercolour) 42cm x 50cm


The jazz picnic is held every year in early September on Hunt's Common, [Hartley Wintney].


Some of our friends from Saint Savin have attended it and had tea afterwards in the house on the extreme right of the picture.


 Golden Bridge Art 004


Julie Parker

Nostalgia (Hand coloured etching) 50cm x 61cm


developed from the notion of memories, and was made as a response to the previous inhabitant of my house in Hartley Wintney.  He was very elderly and had lived in the house since it was new in the 1960s, and as I decorated I became interested in finding the traces of his existence.  The work developed from an etching copied from the wallpaper pattern in the kitchen, which I hand coloured.  Across this are written memories of life in the village collected from conversations with various people.

 Golden Bridge Art 003

Philippa Reid

Causeway Pond, Hartley Wintney (Photography and quilling) 17cm x 22cm x 3.5cm


Ever since I retired from work in 2007, my awareness of the world's natural beauty has been growing day by day - as has my appreciation of the scenery that surrounds us here in Hartley Wintney.  Now that I have the freedom to channel my creative energies in directions that I choose, I have started taking a keen interest in photography and am now seeing potential pictures almost everywhere I go!  At the same time, I have taken up the craft of quilling (paper filigree) which allows me to create colourful motifs and images by rolling and coiling narrow strips of paper.  For most photographers, the subject of a picture is the main focus of their art.  For me, however, photographs provide a background for my quilled imagery, as can be seen in my picture of Hartley Wintney's Causeway Pond.  I created the butterfly, dragonfly, ducks and flag irises using a combination of closed loose coil, tight coil and wheatear quilling techniques, with a border of open loose coil 'P' shapes. These quilled images are designed to capture the life of the pond, whilst the photograph conveys its enduring tranquillity.

 Golden Bridge Art 001


Sue Skellern

Stones on the Shore (print from etching) 26cm x 34cm


I have always been interested in art and I produced this etching when I was at college doing a foundation course. I used to work for the BBC as a Graphic Designer and I now teach art to students with learning difficulties at a 6th form college.


I love life drawing and working from nature and I am happy to work in any medium – I enjoy appreciating art and producing my own work.





Roger Young

Autumn Lake (watercolour) 40cm x30 cm


I have painted on and off since school where some of my work was entered in an Exhibition of school art in Paris. Since retiring from the RAF in 1994, I have been able to indulge in my hobby of painting which has mainly been in oils my preferred medium. But an art course in water colours has led me to use more frequently this difficult but rewarding medium.

Golden Bridge Art 006

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